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CANON USA EOS PROFESSIONAL brochure illustrated with Kopelow images.

Gerry's testamonial in this Canon Digital brochure is well supported by two of his architectural images. These photos also appeared as large format prints and as part of a 13"x19" portfolio in the Canon booth at the AIA EXPO 2005 national conference in Las Vegas.

"Long before I switched to Canon digital SLRs I made a list of features that I required in a digital camera. Canon was the first and only manufacturer to meet my requirements: full frame sensor, high pixel count, bright LCD review, rapid operation, and superlative image quality. I bought one of the first EOS-1Ds cameras available, and every iteration since has only improved upon its versatile, intelligent, and reliable design. Now with the EOS 5D I have another great option - a higher resolution full-frame camera in a compact, lightweight body that affords me more versatility than ever before. The high resolution, wide tonal range sensor made this kitchen image possible. Note the extreme density range, from bright chrome to dark wood, and the mixed lighting. The Canon sensor takes mixed light sources in stride, allowing faithful image capture without supplemental lighting."