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Princeton Architectural Press to publish ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY THE DIGITAL WAY.

Things have changed dramatically in the world of architectural photography. Stewart Brand, Editor of The Whole Earth Catalog, has said, "When a technological revolution overtakes a craft, one has but two choices: either you get up on the steamroller, or you become part of the road." The digital revolution is a great liberation. But this liberation cannot be fully realized without a working understanding of the new photographic universe. The wide variety of photo-related digital hardware and software available today can be overwhelming in itself. And of course, the technical revolution has engendered a revolution in shooting and lighting methodologies to match. This book is intended as a practical handbook for photographers, architects, and other professionals who have an interest in producing and using high-quality digital images of buildings, inside and out by taking full advantage of new imaging technology.

Professional advertising, corporate, and commercial photography is almost entirely digital these days, and professional architectural photographers are beginning to cross over as well. As they do, clever strategies are being discovered to handle the technical and aesthetic problems specific to architectural work. First you will be exposed to the fundamental principals of architectural photography. Then you see why the digital approach is superior to film. Next you will find advice about how to chose the most appropriate digital hardware and software for your particular circumstances. And beyond that you will learn how to use all this hardware and software to best advantage. The book concludes with recommendations on how to use, distribute, and safely store digital architectural imagery.

Available in many bookstores and online at amazon.com late in 2006.